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Data Management at the Senegalese Tax Authority: Insights from a Long-term Research Collaboration with Florence Kondylis, Bassirou Sarr and Mattea Stein, African Tax Administration Paper 27, Brighton: Institute of Development Studies, (2022) [paper]

A Wealth Tax for South Africa with Aroop Chartterjee and Amory Gethin, WIL – WPS 2021/02, (2021) [paper, web app, code] Press : voxeu, bloomberg, free-market-foundation, news24,

Collect more, spend better? Assessing the incidence of fiscal systems and public spending in three Francophone West African countries with Akim Al-Mouksit, Mahdi Ben Jelloul and Anne-Sophie Robillard, Research Papers n 190, Paris, Agence française de développement. (2020) [paper]